Personal Training

Going to the gym can be a big step on your journey to health. If you feel like you are in a foreign country and don't speak the language, then Personal Training can help you feel more comfortable. Not only will they keep you accountable, but you develop a one on one bond. Our trainers become invested in your health as much as you are. With that comes the care and encouragement you need to reach your goals. Our trainers will keep your workouts varied and fun, always keeping in mind any special requirements, and always keeping in mind YOUR goals. It is a trainers job to know when to push and when to rest. If you always quit without getting the best of yourself, then we highly recommend some Personal Training sessions. 

If you don't want to commit to a series of Personal Training sessions; if you feel you've got this gym thing covered, but maybe you've been stuck on an 80kg squat for months and need a helping hand, then our PT's have got your back.

Have an injury and need a program and someone to watch your form and keep you in check? Ask about our PT's. 

We have made our PT sessions affordable as we believe having your own Personal Trainer can be the key to sticking to, and moving forward, with your training.

If you want to save money, ask a friend to join in with you. We have prices based one on-on-one training, or two people with one trainer. Ask our staff for more information.

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